Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Dream Job

My impression is that the impression many readers have is that all I do is sit around in the rocking chair in front of the fireplace, knitting puffy sweaters for poodles, dreaming of the life of a field biologist, delighting in fanciful tales of nail-biting adventure, all-night revelry, and crushing academic victory. I picture myself looking out the window for hours on end, wishing. Hey, I am not the one with the imagination. This could not be further from what is not untrue. Imagine the people reading this blog! We cannot afford to be confused any more than we are.
Look. Here is Ranunculus lappoinicus, or Lapland buttercup, from the Superior National Forest near Grand Marais, Minnesota. I found it in June. It is rare in Wisconsin, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan.

Not much room for argument here. Then there was Geocaulon lividum, or northern comandra. From the same general location as the one above, near Grand Marais, Minnesota. Rare in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, New Hampshire, New York.

The smoking gun. And then Chenopodium subglabrum, or smooth goosefoot, from the Grand River National Grassland in South Dakota. Rare in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota. I found this in August.

So there. The peer reviewers lay strewn about the fields. The editorial board prints a retraction. The newspaperman weeps. I am not sure if this is making sense; I am getting real stiff from sitting.