Monday, January 01, 2018

Wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta)

Photo 6/20/05. Ottawa National Forest, Gogebic County, MI. In a puddle on a trail a long ways away from civilization, which describes the entire UP, but that is another matter. 
Another species in decline across its range. Threatened in WI, Special Concern in MI. 
Two major problems here: Habitat loss and poaching. This species prefers remote hilly or montane habitats, within 300 meters of a river or stream. These habitats have been degraded across their range by streamside logging, dams, pesticides. These are also victimized by road traffic and harvesting machinery such as combines, which chop them up. The report below from Canada reads like a coroner's examination. Grim. According to the MINFI, though, the primary threat is poaching - bringing the turtle home to play with the kids.

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